Who We Are

Aging At Its Best is an education, support and guidance center that supports older adults in enjoying their second half of life and helps them identify goals to create a direction for their own process of growing old with fun, grace and dignity. Aging At Its Best also works with younger generations and organizations to help them understand and appreciate the process of aging, and inspires personal, professional and organizational growth.

Aging At Its Best was founded by Dr. Beatrice Kraemer. Beatrice is a licensed clinical psychologist and has some 20 years of international experience working with individuals and groups. As a clinical researcher, mental health counselor and educator, Beatrice has coached and guided thousands of individuals through the change to a fulfilling career, and to higher engagement in their work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Beatrice has assisted hundreds of older individuals in creating a new sense of identity and designing a new direction in their life while transitioning into retirement. During this work Beatrice quickly understood that it is not only work, and by extension retirement, that has to be considered when growing older, but other issues as well, such as caring for aging parents and the conflicts that may arise within families around this issue.

In her own consulting practice, she has worked with organizations such as Exxon Chemical, Catalyst Strategies Group, Inc., The New School for Social Research and Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy. In New York City, Beatrice created, developed and managed the Center of Career Services at The New School for Social Research. She also served as part time faculty at The New School for Public Engagement. Additionally, she is a sought after instructor at various professional development schools and institutes.

Beatrice received her Master’s Degree in Psychology at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, her  Master’s Degree in Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey, UK and her Doctorate in Human Biology at the University of Ulm in Germany. She also completed a Post-Master Certificate Program in Organizational Development at Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy in New York. Beatrice also holds a Child and Family Therapy Post-Master Certificate from NYU and continually broadens the range of her methods by taking creative art therapy classes.